The World’s Oldest Casino Games

The World’s Oldest Casino Games

People have been into gambling since ages. It may have not always been like the way it is these days in some royal palace like casinos, but gambling sure dates way back. Again, the games played in the name of gambling have also been different in different areas. Did you know As-Nas, a Persian game back in the 17th century is the base for the new world casino game ‘Poker’? Also, Cards game is believed to have been originated from China and then spread to India, Persia and the rest of the world. Read on to find out more about the world oldest casino games of that are still in play today.

Blackjack or the ‘forever’ casino games

An early version of blackjack, 21 has been mentioned in the book Novelas Ejemplares written by Miguel de Cervantes, a renowned Spanish author. The book written in the early 17th century shows two card cheats being experts at the game 21. It is clearly evident that the casino game ‘blackjack’ goes way back and may have also been enjoyed by Spanish people for quite a while.

Later on, certain changes in the game 21 were made, once it reached America. One of such changes was of bonuses. The combination of blackjack and ace of spades was a very famous bonus hand. After a while, the fame faded away but the name remained which is till date known as blackjack.


Roulette’s successful origin comes from a failed idea by Blaise Pascal, a 17th-century Physicist. The idea of the physicist was to create motion machine that could perpetually spin using its own energy. Although this couldn’t happen, it made way for the creation of Roulette wheel.
An early form of Roulette casino games was launched during the early years of the 18th century which got banned after a while. Later on by the end of the century, the Roulette wheel that is much popular now took form and spread across casinos.


Keno, now one the popular casino games, has also gone through changes over time to settle to what it is today. The legend is that Keno was invented during the construction phase of the Great Wall of China as one of the ways to collect money. It later spread to the other parts of the world through Chinese travellers. You can also refer the guide on keno online.

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