How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay In Online Slots?

How Wild Symbols Boost Your Gameplay In Online Slots?

Online slot players of all stripes swear by wilds. These are an essential part of any online slots and one without them is usually derided and snubbed by most players. Some online slots even have multiple wilds, with these all working together to ensure that players have the spinning experience of their lives.

Given that they are so popular and important, here are some details of wild icons that you need to keep in mind.

What Are Wild Icons?

Such a question can only be asked by newbies to the online slots scene. In essence, wild icons are those that replace all the other icons featured in slots, apart from the scatter that is. Think of them as the Joker card.

Each online slots has its own rules, with these being listed in the pay table. So players would be well advised to check this before playing. Scatters are also occasionally referred to as Bonus icons or Free Spins icons and wilds sometimes appear exclusively on distinct reels. All these can be verified from the paytable, so check it before you get your spinning adventure underway.

How Wilds Symbols Work

Imagine that you are logged into an online casino, with your senses being dazzled by the glitzy graphics and booming audio effects. Sooner or later you manage to land matching icons, along with the wild icon on a single payline. This results in a winning combo and the award of a prize.

Apart from performing like any other icon on a payline, the wild is invariably the most lucrative icon found in online slots. Thus, the more wilds appear on the reels, the bigger the potential payout players can look forward to. This is one of the reasons they are beloved by players in the world of online slots

Multiple Wild Cards

As previously stated, some slots found these days have more than one wild icon. These wilds all serve different purposes and according to their functions are called Expanding Wilds, Stacked Wilds, Sticky Wilds, Shifting Wilds, Transferring Wilds and Walking Wilds. All these wilds work essentially the same way but to different effects. They also all appear totally at random on the reels and take the place of the standard icons in order to enhance the winning chances of players.

Expanding Wilds for instance stretch right across the reels like a stick of chewing gum in order to give the possibility of wins a massive boost. Sticky wilds, on the other hand, get stuck to the reels like a burr, Stacked Wilds get stacked atop each other like a pile of pancakes, while the rest do their bit in bringing big wins into being.

Wilds are the online slot equivalent of Jokers and adroitly replaces the standard icons so as to enhance the possibility of getting wins. They are as random as possible, come in different flavours that taste quite delish and give players a good reason to keep on playing.
Of the wilds mentioned above which is your favourite and why?

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