Top 20 Fun Facts About The Three Stooges

Top 20 Fun Facts About The Three Stooges

The Three Stooges slots at Jackpot Fruity is already getting rave reviews and nobody wants to miss it. Here is why this 5 reels 25 paylines slot is taking centre stage. It is based on the most popular series in television history. The Three Stooges is the best slapstick show till date. This hilarious comedy series was enjoyed by billions of viewers between 1928 and 1970. Though the shoot stopped way back in 1971, the show has still not closed its curtains even today. There are many channels around the world that still broadcasts this classic comedy. You can find the most of the series in black & white, but there are close to 30% of colour too.

The characters became very popular and there were a total of six actors who made this show popular. Harry Moses Horwitz, Louis Feinberg, Jerome Horwitz, Samuel Horwitz, Joe Besser and Joseph Wardell were the actor who features randomly in this show.

Twenty Facts about The Three Stooges That Will Take You By Surprise

  1. As a team, the six actors in the lead roles made a total of 207 films that make it a larger than life show.
  2. Character Curly Howard’s real life nickname was Babe that hardly anyone knows.
  3. The Three Stooges cartoon show premiered for the first time in 1965.
  4. During teenage, actor Jerome Horwitz met with a gun accident that made standing for long times difficult for him.
  5. ‘Hold that Lion’ is the only episode of this show where all three Howard brothers got to act together.
  6. Eight of Shemp Howard’s films got released for the first time only after his death.
  7. Milton Berle, the famous American comedian also features in one of The Three Stooges shows. In one scene, Berle slapped Moe Howard and Moe’s front tooth received a crack. Moe did not appreciate having acted with Berle in that show.
  8. During the time of filming, one of the popular films Half-wits Holiday’ 1946, Curly (Jerome) suffered a stroke.
  9. Curly was part of 103 films in total, of which six were feature films and one was just a remake.
  10. Shemp Howard made 78 films in total with just one being a feature film. He also made eleven remake films of the earlier episodes.
  11. Ted Healy featured in ten films from 1930 to 1934.
  12. Joe Besser was part of total 16 films of the series of which five were just remakes.
  13. Joe DeRita made just ten films in total but all of them were feature films.
  14. After Shemp’s death in 1955, his role was played by Joe Palma only until Joe Besser was signed as the replacement.
  15. Moe’s has Joe DeRita in mind as a replacement for Shemp but Joe was under contract with another studio.
  16. Both Moe and Larry passed away in the year 1975.
  17. Other than The Three Stooges, Moe also appeared in other films and Doctor Death – Seeker of Souls became his last in 1973.
  18. This popular slapstick was also featured three-time on Ed Sullivan show.
  19. Shemp acted in 36 other films other than the Stooges series.
  20. Shemp passed away in the year 1955 while Curly died at the young age of 48 in 1952.

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