The Most Popular Table Games

The Most Popular Table Games

The internet has opened up a number of avenues in the form of online casinos and table games form a major part of them. Most of these games can be played on your mobile devices and desktops. There are different kinds of table games, such as Keno, Blackjack, and roulette that you can play over the internet.

Some popular table games to choose from


Talking about lucrative table games, the first thing that comes in the mind is blackjack. You can take part in live blackjack tournaments and win great bucks. You just need to know the right strategies and methods and who knows, on your lucky day, you may end up earning thousands! The online version of blackjack has more less the same gaming attributes with just minor differences. It is played between the player and the dealer with a deck of 52 cards.

To cater to the demand of players, online blackjack is available in a wide range of variants. Some of the popular ones are Progressive Blackjack, European Blackjack, Vegas Downtown Blackjack, Double Deck Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack and others. As a player, you need to have a basic idea of some of the common gaming actions like split, double, hit and stand.


If you are a beginner looking to try the luck and win good money, why not try online roulette. Accepted worldwide as one of the most lucrative online casino games, it offers you the thrill of gambling and at the same time is an easy way to win great prizes. Based on your skill level, you can try our different versions, with various graphics, features and prize money.

Basic strategies like looking for free tables, playing within a defined budget and betting on outside tables can be a the key to win good rewards. Online roulette also has different variants, such as European roulette, American roulette, Martingale Roulette, Live Sizzling Hot Roulette, Live Dealer roulette, Double Zero Roulette and so on.


Online keno is another lottery based game that follows the rules of a conventional lottery, yet with some differences. It has simple rules and striking rewards, which makes it quite popular among gamblers. The rules of Keno are quite simple. Players have to place bets on numbers between the numbers 1 and 80. The system then draws 20 numbers in a random way through word generator tools or balls. If the numbers that are revealed match the numbers that were placed in the bet, you will win rewards.

The advent of advanced gaming platforms has led to the rise of keno variants in different innovative themes like hot shots, Klub keno, keno balls, keno ultimate, kick off keno, instant keno 80, Vegas keno and so on. In countries like the US and Canada, state-sponsored keno games take place to collect money for charity.


Online baccarat is another attractive table game. It is played with different kinds of a bets, such as banker bet, player bet and tie bet. According to the bet that you select, the payout will be determined. For the banker bet, the usual payout ratio is around 1 to 1, while for the player and tie bets, the payouts are a bit higher. Some of the important variants of baccarat are Live Baccarat Squeeze, 3D Baccarat, and others.

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