Popular Casino Table Games Jargons Explained

Popular Casino Table Games Jargons Explained

Casino terminology can be quite confusing for new and inexperienced players. Game handlers are as well-versed with casino jargon as professional gamblers who churn them out like child’s play. No one will shift their attention from their streak to explain what facing cards, double or nothing or ante means. Interrupting other players’ or the dealer because you don’t understand a word is such a let-off. You not only are a pain but a distraction that hinders other players from enjoying their game. That’s why Jackpot Fruity decided to write an article that explains the basic table games jargon used in casinos.

Casino Table Games Terminology explained

  • Ante – when playing any card games, the game handler requires that the player places a bet before they begin a hand. The ante is the mandatory bet you place that makes you eligible to play a game of cards or before you receive your set of cards.
  • Banker – in table games, there is a dealer who gives out cards, issues chips when playing or handles the money. This is the banker and is also known as the dealer.
  • Bankroll – the cumulative amount of money that the bookmaker/casino or the player has set aside for betting.
  • Beginner’s Luck – as the name suggests, is the word used when a punter wins when they place bets for the first time.
  • Betting Limits – are the least and most wagering limits on a casino video slot.
  • Casino Tournament – in casino tournaments, players place bets on different table games and slots to attain the first position on the leaderboard to win a prize. After the tournament ends, the punter with the highest score wins money, the tournament’s prize or a bonus.
  • Cashback – is either hard cash or bonus money or a percentage of the money a player wagered on, which the player receives after losing money when playing.
  • Casino Advantage – is the edge casinos have over their punters.
  • Coins – the amount of money you wager on, on each pay line. This then gives you the total amount you are placing a bet on each spin.
  • Croupier – Used mostly in games such as Craps or Baccarat, it is another term for a dealer.
  • Double or Nothing – if you place bets on double or nothing, you either win double the amount you betted or and nothing.
  • Face Cards – The King, Jack, and King of any suit.
  • High Roller – a player who places large bets.
  • Edge – also known as the advantage or house edge, these are odds that favour the casino.
  • Hand – the total set of cards a player has in their hand during a table game session.
  • House Edge – the odds or ratio of winning that a casino has over its players.
  • House Rules – regulations that control table games or video slots. They also include buy-ins.
  • Odds – the chances or likelihood of winning on a given outcome.
  • VIP – synonymous with a high roller a VIP is a player who places large bets.

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