Top Online Slot Machines Every Player Needs To Know

Top Online Slot Machines Every Player Needs To Know

The meaty sound of clinking coins as wins are recorded, the flashy lights, the slick graphics, the massive potential wins, the promos and bonuses all combine to make online slots easily the biggest thing in the gambling arena! While they might look all imposing, online slot machines are actually as easy to play as eating ice cream!

Online slot machines come in all forms and sizes, with varying themes, graphics and others. There are indeed so much of them that players might have no idea where to start or which to play first. If you are facing such a dilemma, here are the top online slot machines you should definitely know and play.


The Starburst slot is “only” a classic slot, but what a classic slot! Awesomely popular and beloved by players of all stripes it has one of the simplest gameplay features ever and is set in space. It comes with 5 reels and 10 paylines, with the featured icons being dazzlingly colourful and the slickest animation effects.


This online slot machine is of course based on the hit movie and book of the same name. It is made by NetEnt in association with Sony Entertainment, has 5 reels and 36 paylines and so many bonus features. Add really lush graphics and animation and you quickly get to see why the Jumanji online slot machine ranks so high up this list!

Mega Moolah

The Mega Moolah slot has a richly African theme and a well-deserved rep for making some players richer than Croesus. Why a bloke recently won around 18 Million Euros playing this online slot machine and was practically able to retire to Mars afterwards! Such ultra-high payouts are possible simply because apart from possessing 5 reels and 25 paylines, the Mega Moolah slot also has not one or two but a trio of jackpots! This Microgaming product additionally has a Free Spins and randomly activated bonus rounds. Overall, it is frightfully loaded down with bonuses and is one of the most rewarding slot machines ever made.

Age Of The Gods

Made by Playtech, the Age of the Gods slot offers graphically impressive icons, active wilds and bonuses that come with win multipliers of up to 5x. As well, by landing images of any of the Greek gods, players are assured of getting a payout that’s worth a positively mammoth 20,000x the stake! Overall, the Age of the Gods online slot machines is a sleek and deadly time-passer that’s all shades of addictive!

Mega Fortune

The Mega Fortune slot is made by NetEnt and has a theme and look that focuses on high living. 5 reels and 25 paylines awaits to make the acquaintance of players and there are win multipliers that can reach 5x, in addition to a trio of jackpots. Overall, the online slot machines promise and can deliver mega fortunes and mega joy to players of all stripes!

The different types of symbols available in online slots can be found here.

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