Follow These Instructions to Play French Roulette Game Online

Follow These Instructions to Play French Roulette Game Online

Take your pick, red or black, select a number and you are all set to play. The fact that there are not many rules or understanding is one thing that makes Roulette one of the games most first-time players try on. With the French Roulette game online, players can laze around and play with not much-complicated stuff to understand. If you have already tried playing another Roulette, you still have the scope to increase the excitement quotient with this French version.

Basics For French Roulette Game Online

French Roulette is probably one of the oldest versions of Roulette. It was started to be played in France back in the seventeenth century. The wheel has slots numbered from 1 to 36 and the 37th slot with a digit zero. The colours red and black are used alternately on the slots. What makes this game different from other versions of Roulette is the fact that it allows for special bets, a feature missing in other versions totally.

How To Rock The French Roulette Game Online?

Excelling at French Roulette online casino is a simple task once players know the few but important points about the game. It is important to understand the playing setting, rules and other details because it provides better chances to deal with the Croupier (dealer). So here is a compilation of all the things involved in the betting round you must remember and win big when you play:

1. French bets are made- the layout is not the same as that of European Roulette. French words like Passe and Impair might be used. Players must be aware of such basic words, which are limited in number and easy to earn. The bets are placed on the layout.
2. Bets are announced- the players now need to speak out for the type of bet they are making. Make sure that the right type and number of chips are placed on the layout.
3. The full or maximum betting option is considered- this is a highly preferred option that makes you place 12 bets with only one. Select the number and place the bet by saying ‘complete bet on 11’ or ’11 to the maximum’.
4. A ball is released on the wheel- the croupier calls out ‘no more bets’ and releases the ball. Do not try to place the bet at this stage.
5. Losing bets are collected- the chips from players who lose are collected at the very first.
6. Winning bets are paid- payments are made to players that win. Many players can win at once because there are more than one winning combinations.

Additional features:

1. En Prison and La Partage are the two main specific rules.
2. The French Roulette House Edge is another feature that makes the game more favourable than other versions
3. The game can be played online with a live player very conveniently.
4. The are two main types of betting, Inside Betting and Outside Betting. You will understand these properly once the game is on.

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