What is the Pay Table in Online Slot Games?

What is the Pay Table in Online Slot Games?

Commonly known as pay chart and pay schedule, the pay table in online slot games features the list of payouts for the particular Video Poker machine or slot machine. In short, pay chart displays the ratio between the total number of coins users have bet and the number of coins the bettor can win. In the earlier days when real slot machines were used, the pay chart was printed on these machines to help players know which combination they need to hit so that they could win the amount. In the current times, people have started to play online slot games where they get to see the pay table on touching the square with “Pay Table” or “View Pays” written on it.

Have slot machines and pay chart turned complex?

Pay tables on real and physical slot games are pretty easy to interpret. In fact, it would take a few seconds for users to read and understand the pay table. On the other hand, there are countless opportunities in online slots and Video Poker. The online slot machines come with as many as hundred pay line options, allowing the users to bet several coins on one line. Winning pay lines on slot machines can be zig-zag, horizontal, vertical, or diagonal with the reels being covered with either scatter or bonus symbols.

As these complicated online slot machines are likely to cause confusion, gamblers get to use help screen option to find answers to all their questions. For example, you can ask help screen to tell you about the number of coins you are allowed to bet on different pay lines or what symbols you need to land in order to win the bonus game.

Read the pay table before you play slot games

Once you determine the number of coins you can bet on each pay line, it is time to move to the next screen to find out the money each symbol pays. Usually, slot machine designers try to keep the winning symbol combination as easy to understand as possible. However, multi-lined slots are too complicated to make it simple for the gamblers to read the pay table in a cursory glance.

You can find plenty of slot games that have themes, which make it easier for the gamblers to read and comprehend the exact value of each symbol. But as mentioned before, you may also come across multi-lined slots which have complex paytables. Whichever slot you decide to play, make sure to read the paytables before starting the game to avoid unnecessary surprises.

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