Video Poker – Play Multi Hands with Poker Machines

Video Poker – Play Multi Hands with Poker Machines

Video Poker is an interesting online casino game that comes in two variants. One is the single play Poker and the other is the multi-hand where the players can play more than one hand at a time. The sound of multi-hand Poker can sound a little confusing. Here is a step by step guide on how you can play this game of multi hands with ease. 

The steps to play multi-hand Video Poker

Understanding Video Poker multi-hand is easy. The rules are basically similar to the normal one hand version. The only difference is that the players will be able to bet on more than one hand at once. It is also important to note that the betting usually goes higher as the number of dealt hands go up.

The steps are as under:

  1. Once you have entered the game, select the number of hands you want to play. Different games offer a different number of hands that can sometimes go up to 100 or more.
  2. Now select the number of bets per hand.
  3. Now click on the Draw button.
  4. The players will see the base hand being dealt at the bottom of the screen.
  5. The other cards will be face down.
  6. Click on the cards that you want to hold.
  7. Click on the Draw button again.
  8. Now the cards that are being played are replaced except for the ones that you have set on hold. 
  9. The winning hand is rewarded according to the paytable. 

Advantages of multi-hand games

The benefits of playing multi-Hand Video Poker are as follows:

  1. They are easy to understand and much more challenging than a single hand. Although the rules are the same, the winnings are bigger. 
  2. The multi-hand games can be found in many variants at different casinos. 
  3. The bets are placed on the total number of lines without any special requirements.
  4. The paytables are similar to the single-hand Video Poker ones. 

Disadvantages of multi-hand games

There is only one disadvantage of the multi-hand Poker and that is the high variance. A single hand game needs a smaller bankroll in comparison to the multi-hand ones. Although the chances of winning are also high and the rewards are also bigger, but the multi-hand Video Poker can be unsuitable for some budgets.

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With the above discussion, you might have understood how to play multi-hands with Poker machines online. Make sure you play the game with some strategy and take care of your betting budget while playing online. 

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