Fall In Love With Our Latest Mobile Slots

Fall In Love With Our Latest Mobile Slots

It’s February, the month of love! To make your Valentine’s day even special, Jackpot Fruity brings you the latest mobile slots full of romance. So now you can head to a reputed online casino and play your favourite amongst sizzling casino slot games. The best thing about these mobile casino slots is that you can play them alone as well as along with your Valentine. You can choose to play Cupids Arrow, Doctor Love on Vacation or Valentine Victory. But before you do that, let’s have a sneak peek to understand what each of these has in store for you.

Fall in love with Cupid’s Arrow, a Latest Mobile Slots Game

This slot game is all about love; the romantic red and pink theme stand testimony to this fact. This latest mobile slots has its three leading characters (who are bachelors) based in London, Paris and San Francisco. The other symbols appear in the form of valentine gifts like chocolates, scented heart shaped candles, perfume bottle and of course red roses. Then you have two female characters a blonde and a brunette.

The game has attractive bonus features and free spins like the girls night out free spins and shopping spree bonus. The wild symbols appear in the form of Cupids arrow and Cupid himself. Overall, this game is one love ride that offers you a chance to win big up to 800,000 credits.

Help two hearts meet with Doctor Love On Vacation

Dr Love is an all-out mission to help two vacationers find their true love. This latest mobile slots game is set against the backdrop of a beautiful ocean, palm trees, and lovely blue skies. The characters in this mobile casino slots are a beautiful woman and a short fat man, who is also bald. Each time you help Dr Love find things that he needs like his Stethoscope, beach chairs and beach balls things, it will help him blossom the love between the man and woman. If the couple does not fall for each other and leave, you could win huge bonuses for locating them again.

Valentine’s Victory Slots – Win Over Your Love!

This latest mobile slots game has taken a theme based on cupid mythology thereby giving this game a Greek twist. A cute golden-haired lad forms the centre of the game floating amidst a row of hearts. This game has a lot of action packed into it. Players have a chance to win respins and combos. It also offers a chance to win a progressive jackpot along with a pick me bonus game. The slots game lets players make combinations and the rewards vary according to the combinations. Thus, it offers a smooth ride with enough options for players to win big.

Casino slot games are undergoing rapid changes and are now being tailor-made to meet user preferences. Players are eagerly awaiting the latest mobile slots game releases from major game makers.

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