How Live Poker is Different from Video Poker?

How Live Poker is Different from Video Poker?

If you’ll ask the professional live Poker players “Do they like playing the same game on their Smartphones”, the answer will be no. First of all, you don’t get to play with live people in Video Poker, which means there will be no opponents. Of course, you play with machines but is it really exciting to play Poker without having some real opponents competing with you? Poker players don’t like getting compared with the slot players. And that’s completely fine since there is a huge difference between Poker and slot games. The former is based on strategies and requires a certain amount of proficiency whereas the latter is completely based on luck.

What Differs Pro Live Poker Players from Amateurs?

It is worth to note that playing live Poker is not at all easy. There is a lot more to it than managing to have the best and winning hand. Professional live pokers say the real victory is when they manage to find their way to the ultimate Poker table with some terrible hands. Wearing a deadpan expression on your face when you have got worthless hands just to terrify your opponents and make them fold (when they have two queens or even better cards) is the trick and skill that differentiates professional players from amateurs. There are thousands of such tricks that only a professional live Poker player can use to win the hand without even having a good hand. Everyone understands the pro-live Poker players earning big wins at the Poker table but what about the people who play Poker? It has always been a controversial topic.

Which one Should you Play – Live Poker or Video Poker?

The first and foremost rule of Video Poker is to learn the basics, especially different types of Poker hands. It may sound no-brainer; after all, everyone has to learn the basics before sitting on the Poker table. The sad fact is, there are several Poker players who sit on the table but are clueless about the game. These people usually end-up asking the player sitting next to them “what to do now”? It is important to learn the rules of playing Poker before you get started with the game. There are multiple Video Poker online guides you can check to get a better understanding of the game and its rules.

If you are planning to play casino games or have entered the brick and mortar casino and are searching for machines that offer higher payouts, Poker is the one you should try. On the contrary, if you want to become a professional Poker player and a make a living out of it, live Poker has got an edge over the video Poker.

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