An Insight Into Gambling In Egypt

An Insight Into Gambling In Egypt

Over the millenniums of mankind’s existence, a few things have proved immutable, one of which is mankind’s love for tempting fate by betting on games of chance. Gambling was and still is a common exercise in most cultures, with the Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians being big fans of this diverting activity. This article covers the history of gambling in Ancient Egypt and the rest of the world and how Egyptian-themed slots become the most sought casino games.

Gambling In Ancient Egypt and its Role in Today’s Egyptian-themed Slots

In most ancient societies, gambling was strictly related to some important rituals and the like. These rituals included the throwing of items like sticks, pebbles or cowries on the ground or any other convenient surface, with the outcome of the throw depending on whether an odd or even number was recorded.

The former result was negative, while the latter was positive. Over a matter of time, the entire process of throwing things on the ground became more complicated.

Eventually, gambling became a regular event practised by nearly everyone, rather than strictly religious figures. with bets on such things as the outcome of a romantic chase, a hunt or even a race being wagered on. Soon after, gambling ceased to become a strictly religious event, with gamblers gambling strictly for the material rewards they expected to gain, rather than trying to know the will of the gods on one issue or the other.

The Games Of Time

According to most historians, human civilization began circa 3,100 BC in Mesopotamia. Unsurprisingly, this is where lots of gambling-related items like dice cubes have been dug up by archaeologists.

Apart from these, archaeologists have also dug up varied gaming boards in Ancient Egypt, which goes to show that the people of the period took gambling seriously. The board games of that period were pretty much similar to those found in modern times, with the rules and gameplay objectives being quite easy to grasp.
These board games made use of a couple of dice. Also featured were pieces that were moved around the gaming board based on the outcome of the dice throw, just like in modern times. Other games that were popular in Ancient Egypt include guessing games and something called Odds and Evens.

During the 15th century, the popularity of dice games waned, with playing cards replacing them. Card games came to Europe via Asia and soon spread to the rest of the world.

At this time, the lottery also gained widespread acceptance all over Europe. Incidentally, the Ancient Romans saw gambling as a way of adroitly giving gifts at random so as not to offend anyone. The Europeans of the period, on the other hand, viewed lotteries as a means of placing expensive items that by reason of their prohibitive cost lacked buyers.

The Coming Of Online Gambling

During the late 1990s, technological advances made it possible to play games online. The Microgaming was the first to seize this opportunity by crafting online casino games that took advantage of the new medium of play. At present, online gambling has grown to such an extent that online casinos that cater to it rake in billions in profits annually. Various themes have been incorporated in slot games among which Egyptian-themed slots are widely popular.

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