How Blackjack Game is Played?

How Blackjack Game is Played?

A timeless casino game, Blackjack, is a perfect blend of skills and luck. The objective of the game is to get as close to 21 and beat the dealer. Online Blackjack is available in different formats and range from single to multiple player variants. The basic rules of the game remain the same with a few changes in the way it is adapted.

How to play Online Blackjack?

Once you’ve chosen a Blackjack table at your favourite online casino, the next step is to make a  casino deposit to start playing the game. Players can select from playing 3D games to Live Blackjack online assisted by a human dealer. Among the common formats, you’ll find Blackjack game played with either the 6 card decks or that with the 8 card decks.

Regardless of which version of the game one decides to play, the players have to decide on a bet amount and place it. Once done, the dealer shuffles and deals the card clockwise. One face-up card is given to each player at the table followed by a face-down card that he places for himself. The following card is dealt face up to the players. This time the card he deals out to himself is also kept face up.

Once every player including the dealer has two cards each, the game begins. The player next to the dealer’s left starts playing first. If he happens to hold an Ace along with a card with 10 as the value, it’s a Blackjack. Such hands can claim as much as 1.5x their bet instantly. In case, the dealer also gets a Blackjack, the player neither wins nor loses anything. IfOnline Blackjack at Jackpot Fruity both the player and the dealer don’t get a Blackjack, the dealer signals players to take a call on how the player would like to play his hand. At this point, the player can decide to do any of the following, i.e. stand, hit, double down, split or surrender. For details on which call to take in an Online Blackjack game, read more on Blackjack strategies and tips available online.

How are payouts calculated in Online Blackjack?

Once you have finished playing your hand and the dealer has also played his hand, there are two possibilities. One is that either the dealer will bust or he will make a hand. In the first case, the dealer will pay 1x the wager to every hand continuing to play on the table. In the latter case, it’s a competition between you and the dealer to seek a better hand. If you have an edge, the dealer pays you 1x your wager. If both of you have the same hand total, the situation is that of a ‘push’ where you don’t get anything extra on the wagered amount but can simply keep your money.

Online Blackjack at Jackpot Fruity

A satiating Online Blackjack experience awaits players at the Jackpot Fruity online casino. With more than a hundred popular casino games hosted on its platform, the site makes for an ultimate destination for gambling enthusiasts. The exclusive Blackjack section features Live Blackjack tables with Standard Limits, Common Draw Live Blackjack, Side Bet Blackjack and other premium Online Blackjack variants compatible across a range of devices. Flexible betting limits, special features and rewarding gameplay contribute to a classic Blackjack experience here.

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