An Ultimate Guide To Online Sidebet Blackjack

An Ultimate Guide To Online Sidebet Blackjack

Online Blackjack or 21 is a popular casino game. Online Sidebet Blackjack is one of its variants. The game, like the main game, has more than one player and a dealer who deals the game. The objective is to beat the dealer and not the other players. A player is a winner if:

  • He gets 21 points on the first two cards before the Dealer gets them;
  • Reaches a score higher than the dealer but less than 21;
  • Lets the dealer draw extra cards until their total is more than 21.

This hugely popular game has variant rules across the globe. It’s a huge hit among those who love calculations and probability.

Playing Online Sidebet Blackjack

Players often come across the term Sidebet while playing online Blackjack. So what exactly is a Sidebet, how to play and what is the benefit for the player?

A Sidebet is a sort of mini-game within BlackJack albeit played with less money. Online Casinos add Sidebets to the table to make more players try their luck in the game.These require less money or small wager and tend to have greater payoffs than the regular even-money BlackJack. This less input and chance of a bigger output is what draws players towards it. The side wager has a designated area next to the box for the main wager. The Sidebets have defined rules and are offered on different outcomes like :

  • Player’s initial hand is a Pair;
  • Player hand and Dealer Up card sum is 19,20 or 21;
  • Player’s initial hand totals 20;
  • Player’s initial hand is suited (face cards)
    These and many more rules make up for Sidebets in an Online Casino offering BlackJack.

How to play Online Sidebet Blackjack?

The player should check out the Sidebet rules of an Online Casino before they set out to play. The two basic rules being:

  • In order to play Sidebet, Player has to play Blackjack too;
  • Players cannot play Sidebets alone.

Side bets are played in a designated area on the Blackjack table. A player who wishes to play Sidebets simply needs to put the wager there. The house edge for side bets is generally higher than that for the blackjack game. It also varies from one Online Casino to the other. So players need to consult the table as to what the values are.

To Wager or not

An Online Sidebet Blackjack, as explained, was introduced so that players can get more payouts by putting in less wager. Side bets in blackjack can go from being profitable to the improbable.As side bets always pay out higher amounts than standard 1-1 or 3-2, learning to count them and then using them to your own advantage is necessary. Just be sure of the rules and the returns. Know what you are doing before putting your money into it.

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