Exciting Attributes of Penny Roulette

Exciting Attributes of Penny Roulette

With the increasing popularity of Roulette, there are, of course, lots of roulette variants on the market. One of these is the Penny Roulette from a popular software provider known as Playtech.

Penny Roulette just like its name implies is designed to be played by folks whose budget is more than a little on the tight side. This game comes with its charmingly low stakes. It can, thus, be played by beginners looking to try out a game that costs almost nothing. Also, it is chosen by regular players who simply want to bet without being obliged to cough out a fortune. Penny Roulette has a wide array of betting options. As such, an increasing array of online casinos feature it.

The name of this roulette version arises from the fact that the lowest possible wager is worth a penny, with the maximum being around ₤250. The RTP is set at 97.30%, which is par for the course.

The Penny Roulette Experience

There is not much risk involved in playing this particular roulette variant. It can be highly suspenseful and provides some punchy entertainment that does not annihilate the bankroll.

This cheap roulette game also boasts sweet graphics and audio effects. This and more are part of what makes it so appealing to players of all stripes who want to enjoy themselves without being flogged for it.

With bets per spin costing just a penny, this simple roulette game provides the perfect avenue for gamblers to check the feasibility of this or that betting system. Such gamblers can use this roulette version to refine their strategy and come up with a possible way to make a killing.

Gameplay Features

One of the more distinct features of Penny Roulette is that it is extensively customisable according to individual tastes. One popular customisation option involves changing the colour of the roulette wheel for an eye-catching effect. It is also possible to alter the way the game is being displayed. This enables players to better follow the motions of the spinning roulette ball.

One of the more unique features of this roulette version is that players can change the direction of rotation. This can be clockwise or anti-clockwise according to preferences.

Also present is a racetrack, which enables the placement of announce bets. Players of this game can also save their favourite type of bets and call these up when needed.

This roulette variant also comes with an Autoplay mode. This can be set to simple or advanced and makes it possible for folks to automate much of the spinning process.


Penny Roulette is a roulette variant that is mostly meant for low rollers in search of sweet fun and thrills. It has a very low-risk profile, supports bets of a penny per spin and has a single zero layout for enhanced winning chances.

It is also feature-packed and has enough betting options. Overall, this is a roulette variant that is designed to provide ultimate fun to the players.

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