How Classic Slots are Different from Video Slot Games

How Classic Slots are Different from Video Slot Games

Slot games have always been intriguing and exciting. There are multiple variants of online slot games. However, most people get confused with the various variants that are available in the market today. Two of the most basic variants of slot games are classic slots and video slots. There are subtle differences which many players fail to identify and recognise. Here are a few explained in detail.

Classic online slot games have a lesser number of paylines

In a classic slot game, there are a limited number of paylines which are actually lesser than what is offered in video slot games. Classic slots usually have 3 reels that offer a fixed number of paylines. Video slots on the other hand, have a lot many paylines to offer since they involve more than 3 reels in general. This means that they might have a better chance to land more winning combinations.

Do classic online slot games offer a better chance to win?

Generally, it is believed that less the number paylines offered in classic slot games, longer the chance for the player to stay and increase their chances to win over time. However, this is not always the case. In case of video slot games that offer multiple reels with many paylines, one might not find the need to invest more to make a spin in the game (contrary to the popular notion that video slot games need more wagering because of a higher number of paylines). 

So what are the factors that should be considered?

For both the cases (classic slot as well as video slots), players need to determine the minimum betting range or the cost per spin. In most slot games (classic or video), they always lie the opportunity to consider the betting size. The cost spin can be set according to the needs of the player and thus, the wager can be made accordingly. A better prospect with video slot games is that even if the minimum betting range is actually high, one can always choose the number of paylines he or she wants to play with. 

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