Casino Royale Facts That Are Sure To Awestruck You!

Casino Royale Facts That Are Sure To Awestruck You!

Casino Royale 1967 is one of the most iconic James Bond movies of all time. It featured the fame super-spy and has a storyline that is more absurd than the tale of a trio of leprechauns cavorting atop the White House.

There are quite a few awesome facts about Casino Royale 1967 that are very much worth knowing. The lushest of these will be detailed below.

Making It Happen with Casino Royale 1967

Now, as promised, here are the most awesome facts about the Casino Royale 1967 movie:

  • Courting Controversy- now, most James Bond movies explore controversial themes and are controversial. Still, Casino Royale 1967 takes this to absurd heights. Lots of folks love it, lots of others hate it and there are even allegations that it is not a “proper James Bond movie”, whatever that means. The latter criticism makes more than a little bit of sense since the movie was more of an absurd comedy/satire than a serious work of art. It is nevertheless a good movie that deserves more credit than it gets.
  • Producing Problems – quite a bit of problem was experienced before the movie was even shot. These problems delayed filming for nearly a year. Even more, problems were to arise during production.
  • Shirley My Love – the delectable Shirley MacLaine was at one time supposed to be on the cast of Casino Royale 1967. She ended up not featuring.
  • The Cameo Games – the producer of the movie, a guy by the name of Charles K. Feldman was fond of bringing in famous stars to make cameo appearances. This was not called for in the original script and caused no end of confusion and delays.
  • Peter Sellers Takes on Orson Welles – the duo of Peter Sellers and Orson Wells were some of the biggest stars of their day and had a correspondingly large ego. They seldom got along, and there are longstanding rumours that they could barely stand each other on the Casino Royale movie set. This caused some knotty problems.
  • A Mighty Poor Showing– upon its release, the movie was mercilessly panned by most of the British and world press. It was therefore expected that it would tank and sink at the box office. The reverse happened. It did very well at British theatres and shortly after release in the US became the highest-grossing movie there. Despite this impressive showing, rumours persist to this day that the movie was a box office failure. It was the top 16th in the highest-grossing movie list for 1967, which is not a bad achievement.
  • To Spoof Is Divine – most of the criticism of the movie is directed at the fact that it is essentially a spoof of the whole spy genre and not even a part of the official Bond series. That, however, does not detract from the quality of its production and the sublime excellence of its soundtrack.
  • Getting Creatively Marketed – according to Orson Wells, who should be in a position to know, the success of the movie could be attributed to its crafty marketing campaign. This featured a naked lady armed with silenced pistols and tattooed on every available surface. As this was back when nudity was still a big thing, the marketing campaign attracted loads of attention and drove viewers into the cinema in hopes of seeing more of the same.

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