Camouflage Betting: Its Nature and Uses

Camouflage Betting: Its Nature and Uses

Anyone ruminating over the idea of taking up card counting and subsequently making money from Blackjack tables should learn how to camouflage. The most prudent card counters disguise themselves under the umbrella of camouflage. It all depends on whether you are good enough to not get caught by casino owners. So, what is Camouflage Betting? Camouflage was created to negate the possibility of failure to fully get to terms with the proper dynamics of wagering while counting cards and avoid getting caught by casino security.

What is Camouflage Betting?

As the name implies, what is camouflage betting is the art of counting cars while betting without being found out. When counting cards in a casino, card counters aim to increase their wagers to the maximum particularly when the count is high and keep them at a minimum when the count is low. Card counters spend a lot of time sitting at the table, the bidding time for the count to increase. While at it, they place bets on the minimum count then pounce on the opportunity when the count reaches +5 or higher to take full advantage of the count.

The biggest setback though is, you will easily be found out. If you are bidding time on a blackjack table then raise your bet suddenly, you will indubitably raise eyebrows. Casino owners, regardless of where they are located, know that a sudden rise in wagers is a likely pointer of card counting. Your betting pattern will more often than not inform the owners of the establishment whether you are counting cards or not.

What is Camouflage Betting, and Reasons to Use it

Casinos have a very low standard for ejecting a player from their premises; if they so much as suspect you, you’re out. Casinos are private establishments which -save for adherence to regulations and guidelines stipulated by gambling regulatory authorities- operate independently. Think about it, you have every right to eject anyone you suspect is stealing from your house. You might not need to drag them to court but you still have the right to chase them away.

Casinos operate under the same principles. They treat you first as a customer, but as soon as they suspect wrongdoing, they won’t shy away from ejecting you. In the United States, a casino ejected a lady who had been asking for drinks the whole evening while betting as soon as they noticed she was out of money. They even went ahead to call the local police on her. Suspected card counters have received the same treatment.

How to Camouflage Bet?

The simplest way to understand what is camouflage betting is by the behaviour of a normal gambler: change your stake preferably upwards after a losing streak and go with a hunch.

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