Understanding the Different Types of Symbols in Online Slots

Understanding the Different Types of Symbols in Online Slots

When spinning the reels of your favourite slots you must have come across an array of symbols and bonus features attached to the game. Every slot game is unique with its layout, theme, pa lines and features specific to that slot. However, understanding a few of the common symbols and bonus features could be beneficial to your gameplay.

Here are some rewarding features to look out for when playing an online slot game.

The Wild Symbols

The wild symbol makes for one of the most common bonus symbols on online slots. You are sure to find wilds in most of the modern online slot games. Wilds are like boosters which can increase your winning opportunities when you fall short of a symbol to make that winning combination. They add a quotient of excitement to your game and many a time activate bonus features in quite a few slot games.

So how does it work? The wild symbol can act as a substitute for a certain symbol if it appears on the reel and can replace an odd symbol to give you a winning combo. This means that even if your corresponding symbols are not revealed you still stand a winning chance brought to you by the wild symbol.

The Scatter Symbol

Another popular bonus symbol that you might be familiar with on online slots are the scatter symbols. These scatters often play different roles in the game. In most slot games, the scatters pay for themselves when you manage to land on three or more of them on the reels simultaneously. Scatters also trigger bonus rounds in many games to reward players with free spins.

Free Spins

A cherished bonus feature on the slot games, free spins are common to most online slots. These are awarded to players in many numbers starting from 5 free spins and could even go up to hundreds through the game. Landing on the correct number of scatter or bonus symbols can get you several free spins which increase your winning opportunities for free.

Gamble feature

Speaking of bonuses, the gamble feature on slots is also commonly found. A regular feature on many modern online slot games, this is rewarding yet could involve an amount of risk. When playing with real money, the feature can be activated after any win and has the potential to double your latest win amount. The risk is that upon making an incorrect guess, you could lose your latest win, so it’s worth using caution when playing this feature.

Unravelling bonuses and landing on special symbols relay a unique charm to the online slot games making them popular and entertaining. Keep spinning at Jackpot Fruity for more slot games by grabbing some exciting bonuses on the go!

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