All-New Mobile Slots Launch at Jackpot Fruity

All-New Mobile Slots Launch at Jackpot Fruity

Jackpot Fruity casino has recently launched some exciting new mobile slots games. These different games are readily waiting with their awesome game features to entertain you. Know all the teeny-tiny details of these slot games below and don’t miss to try them out today!

‘Super Gems’ – A New Mobile Slots Classic Game

Super Gems is a brand-new mobile slots game that comes with the theme of colourful gems. Here, you got to match 5 or more than 5 of the game gemstones and get that winning prize. Also, if you find 6 of the same gemstones, you will be the lucky winner and get to unlock an amazing game of bonus.

It’s time to ‘Jingle Up’ Some Slots Game

You might have already guessed, Jingle Up is a new mobile slots game which is based on the theme of Christmas Day. The game showcases Santa on the poster followed by snow, reindeers, a tiny house and Christmas decorations. The game comes with 7 lines and no reels. When these lines are rolled, 3 symbols appear on each line. If you end up with 3 similar symbols on any line/lines, you will win rewards based on the appearance of the symbol.

Discover Medieval China with ‘Xi You Ji’ Slots Game

Xi You Ji is basically based on the theme of the classical Chinese novel ‘Xi You Ji’. The background of the game is lit with dark green coloured Chinese art in front of which 5 reels are presented in contrasting light colour. The boundary of the reels is decorated with Chinese symbolic golden dragons and red lanterns. The game comes with fixed pay lines of 25. The symbols on the reels include the monk, Zhu Bajie, Sha Wujing, and Sun Wukong. A bonus feature is won by lighting up the red lanterns present at the boundary.

Live a Life Of Classic Fairy Tale with ‘Crystal Queen’ Slots Game

The Crystal Queen new mobile slots game is based on a fairy tale book. So, you must expect lots of snow, a queen, Reindeers, Prince and so on. It’s a 5×3 slots game which can be expanded to 5X6 as you go on playing. Awesome features like multipliers, special bonuses, and special symbols can be availed to win more bucks back.

Don’t miss out on ‘Wins of Fortune’ Slots

Wins of Fortune slots are set up in some valley of Chinese descent with symbols based on mythical characters. The reels of this new mobile slots game come rather differently with 3, 3, 4, 4, 5 slots and a chance of re-spin if you win anytime. There is an awesome feature of Super Respin which re-spins the game until no more symbols of winning are remaining.

Play These at the UK’s Jackpot Fruity Casino

Jackpot Fruity Casino presents its game players a wide variety of classic casino games along with many new games that are updated regularly. The best thing about using the Jackpot Fruity Casino is you can play your favourite casino games from anywhere and anytime.

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